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How to Keep Braids From Frizzing

Today we will have a quick and easy talk about how to keep your natural braids growing healthy,
smooth and healthy even when you’re travelling away from home.

As I’ve mentioned before, finding braids done by professionals is expensive and this is the top option
many of us fall into.

But don’t worry, this isn’t always the case – these tips and tricks will help you achieve your ideal look
without getting yourself into serious expenses.

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1. Go for a Natural Hairstyle

You can use oils and corn starch for your braids, you can use my eco-friendly hair decoration kit to get
the best braids for you.

You can also simply wear your hair up in a bun and a bun – in any styles you’re trying – and let it grow
out around your temples, like a horsehair bun.

If you don’t want to go this route, you can buy some organic corn starch and some hair in cheap tubelike sizes for just £4.50.

If you’re thinking about buying some hair in bulk and have a rather old wig or clip your hair close around
your head, don’t worry – you can still have the best natural, affordable hair for hair coloured and styled.

2. Don’t Mix Too Many Braids

You will definitely notice any part of your hair growing back in your head when you shampoo the braids.
This, thankfully, is a common mistake to do, however and should be not.

It’s easy to remember, but doing this when you get back from your hair appointment or spa, and you
don’t do this for your braids before you put them in braids yourself, your braids will become fizzy and
will be permanently restrengthened.

Never put the braids in if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients or products on which you use it!

3. Over Dry Your Braids

Because you’re a woman, you will be tempted to add any hair products you wear before your braids
were washed and dried. While this is a trick that most of us will do, it’s a great way to injure your braids
and cause the hair we put on the other side of our scalp, the root, to fizzle up and rip apart.

Don’t add any extra hair products when you wash your braids. Use a hot straightener, and the strips and
bobby pins you’ve been using for your left braids (and the braids just slightly apart when they’re all stuck
together) is the only time it will be necessary to add any other hair products.

4. Leave Your Braids in the Fridge, When It’s Not Too Cold

When applying a lot of products on your braids all of the weights created by the products can push the
braids into places you don’t want them to.

Wrap the braids in cling wrap (or wraps, if you’re having your braids straightened) before placing the
wraps over your braids on day one, then leave them there for the next four days. When you’re ready to
go to work the wraps are all warmed up, easily parted and placed in a hot dryer.

Bars of hair will add pressure to your braids – either consciously or subconsciously – and this can cause
them to come back.

5. Your Braids With a Bit of Herby Bobby Pins

Braids need nice, shiny, really warm hair to hold them in place. I love fixing these braids with a few
simple, cheap power tools – I’ve experimented with hair tapers and contoured glass hair clips that are
perfect for securing your braids.

You could also invest in some colored gel, tie some fancy-looking hair accessories on the ends of your
braids, and tie some sort of hair tie around your neck – either that or tie some ‘bearded’ hair
decorations onto.

6. Hair Spray or Butter on Your Braids, at Night Before Bedtime

Sheer hair spray or butter will protect your braids from any potential damage, but don’t put your braids
in your bra as your hair will start to become fizzy and oiler.

Instead, gently put a generous amount of hair spray on your hair after applying hair products, then let it
sit for some time before putting your braids in your hair.

Leave your braids in place while you fall asleep and you should see a huge difference in the health of
your braids, and in the texture of your hair!

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