Top 6 Bell & Ross Watches You Must Buy in 2021

The world of high-end Bell & Ross watchmaking isn’t exactly left sentimental about the manufacturers. Some, understandably, stand out more than others, whether it’s because of the number of years they’ve been in the industry, or because of that one model that changed the way we look at watches forever.

The watchmakers who truly earn a place in the history of watchmaking are those who truly innovate and go above and beyond in technical achievement. One such brand that can tick those boxes is Bell & Ross.

What makes the French watchmaker a favorite among watch enthusiasts is how fast it has established itself in the thoughts of many, despite the fact that it was only founded in 1992. When you consider that other prestigious brands have been established over 100 years ago, it’s not easy for Bell & Ross has a place at a table surrounded by other reputable brands in the affordable luxury watch segment.

Founders and childhood friends Carlos A. Rosillo and Bruno Belamich founded the company on a three-word philosophy: efficiency, clarity, and reliability. These principles have helped propel the brand into the minds of pilots, divers, and even bomb disposal experts.

Notable achievements include equipping the bomb disposal squad of the French Security Service and developing the Hydromax, widely considered the most reliable watch in the world, capable of diving to depths of up to 11,110 meters.

However, what the brand is best known for today is its association with aviation, with many of its ports being replicas of – or heavily inspired by – aircraft cockpit instruments.

It gives Bell & Ross an easily recognized identity, but as you’ll see in our choice of the company’s best watches, it’s not afraid to blur the lines between familiar and modern. and contemporary.


The Bell & Ross BR V2-92 Military Beige and BR V2-94 Military Beige have officially launched at Baselworld 2019 and function a distinctive style from the popular BR 01 models. Designer Steve Huyton, a gentleman with an interest in beauty, looks closely at these military-themed watches.

As a writer, I rarely delve into the politics of the watch industry, preferring to focus on watch design. In 2012 I had an in-depth conversation with the owner of a small watch brand (no names) and we discussed how a few big groups dominate the world of watchmaking. Despite the dominance of Swatch, Richemont, and LVMH, several big, privately held businesses, like Audemars Piguet, Chopard, and Patek Philippe, have considerable market share.

2. BR V2-94 Bellytanker Bronze

It was no surprise when Bell Ross, located in Paris, unveiled one of the most attractive new timepieces at Baselworld 2019. The new 2019 Limited Edition BRV294-BC-BR/SCA is based on the BR V2-94 watch line. 
In non-fading bronze casing, the BR V2-94 Bellytanker Bronze blends “luxury appearance” with cost.

On your wrist, you’ll be hard-pressed not to think this watch is pure gold when viewed from a few meters away. However, enthusiasts know that wearers are more practical than flirty, and they choose cool design and aesthetics over sheer flaunting.

That isn’t to argue that the Bell & Ross BR V2-94 Bellytanker Bronze, at just under $5,000, is a cheap watch, but it is less expensive than if the case were gold. The Bell & Ross BR V2-94 case is 41 mm wide and is fitted with actual chronograph pushers and a matching crown. As part of the Bell & Ross Bellytanker watch series, the rear of the watch has a belly tanker automobile emblem printed on the exhibition case back window. that debuted not too long ago.

3. BR V3-94 A521

This is a simple yet effective watch tool par excellence. It’s 43mm round steel case is sourced from the Vintage collection.

The dial includes 12 white-coated numerals, which contrast with the surrounding black to ensure the best clarity. The italics convey the idea of ​​velocity and momentum. The stopwatch counters are configured as white stars and circles, evoking the racing car’s wheel rims. It also provides a glimpse into the mechanism of the clock. It takes the counterweight to the central second’s hand of the Alpine “A” Bell & Ross stopwatch. A small red, white and blue flag at 6 o’clock indicates the French origins of the Alps. The dual speedometer function allows the owner to calculate the speed of the racing car. When used in conjunction with a stopwatch, the bidirectional rotating bezel tells the time in greater detail.

Two straps are available: Traditional steel or perforated leather, which hatch on the upper side and are reminiscent of carbon fiber.

4. BR 03-92 Bi-compass

In their quest to craft the perfect flying watch, Bell & Ross hit a stunning nail with the new Bell and Ross BR 03 92 Bi Compass Limited Edition. This cool design is inspired by the myriad of ports that assist pilots while they are in the air and its flawless design looks incredibly cool on the wrist. Continuing its famous principles of accuracy, clarity, reliability, and performance, the BR03-92 Bi Compass has truly impressed us.

Bell & Ross are no strangers to the world of aviation, and they prove that there is still a lot of aviation history to explore. The Bell and Ross BR 03 92 Bi Compass watch was inspired by a specific dial found on the intricate-looking dashboard of the aircraft, Radio Compass. This stunning device is decked out in the unforgettable turquoise blue color, which is also referred to as the “Munsell Green” in the world of pilots. This brilliant, almost bright color adorns the Bell and Ross Bi Compass watch, lending unparalleled clarity to the wrist.

5. BR 03-92 Diver Blue Bronze

A year ago, Bell & Ross introduced the BR 03-92 Diver watch, the brand to embrace the dive watch. Although it wasn’t the first time B&R had produced a watch for exploring the depths of the blue sea – some of the first models were diving watches (including the impressive 11,000m Hydromax) – this new watch was the first to blend Iconic and convenient square box. diving capabilities.

Completely different from the rest of the audience and at the same time really familiar, it was an instant hit. This year, the collection expands with two new versions in blue or bronze. I spent the summer with the latter and here’s our view.

6. BR 05 Skeleton Blue

On the wrist, the same wear as a regular watch BR 05, skeletonized or not. In terms of the aesthetics of the antique dial, the watch is very different. He doesn’t even look like his sister – the normal skeleton version. The blue glass is sure to add character to the watch, and its charm continues to grow.


Although relatively new to watchmaking, Bell & Ross has established itself as a benchmark in the world of professional aviation watches. One thing is for sure: when you buy one of their watches, it’s worth it.

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