Ways to Increase Organic Traffic to Your ecommerce website in 2022

Imagine yourself hitting a home run in or kicking a football soaring towards the net in an empty stadium. It’s all looking normal until you scream out loud as if tides of spectators are watching you live. It’s ridiculous that you’ve trained so hard for this day, and there’s no one to watch your scoring points. Similarly, you can create a website for your online business. Decorate it with all the fancy banners, graphics, and eye-catching doodads. It’s sure hard work, but useless if you’re not getting organic traffic on your website.

Some so-called professionals shout out ecommerce app development at the end of the day. Such people deserve lecturing if they don’t know what organic traffic is and how it works. There are several ways to attract clients to your website. It all depends upon the nature of your business, especially when you’re targeting a specific audience.

Remember, users that reach your website through Google searches are more likely to convert into potential buyers. Therefore, you need to create a plan that helps you promote your business. It’s better than to beg for testimonials and endorsements by others in your closest circle. You can easily hire an ecommerce marketing agency that offers wide-ranging online business solutions.

Don’t worry if you’re on a budget. There are a few website services available at reasonable prices, as they’re easy to learn. Though it might take up to a month’s practice to learn the basics, so it is advised you buy them. We’re talking about the following best five ways that help increase your website’s organic traffic in 2022.


  1. Brand creation & Branding Strategies

This is the place where you start! You need to create a brand name, choose a domain name, and design your logo in advance. You need to study your business to come up with a successful ecommerce strategy for your business. First, identify your target audience and marketplace where you want to promote your online business. Position your brand among other competitors and start the game. Start by creating your brand voice and messaging tone, as you don’t want to scare away your customers.

Furthermore, you need a content marketing strategy to promote your business. It helps you focus on your business objectives keeping your consumers in mind. As a result, your online business becomes more client-centric rather than a money-spinning corporation. You need to work on your branding strategies more often rather than thinking about business expansion. Stay put with your brand! Find your brand’s true purpose by products and services you’re offering to your clients. Besides having a great brand name along with an award-winning logo design, create an attention-grabbing tagline.


  1. SEO on-page & off-page Optimization

This is probably the best way to increase organic traffic for your website. You need to hire content writers and SEO specialists. These are the two professionals that work together to help you gain reputation on Google and other search engine rankings. The search engine optimization experts search for generic keywords, long-tail keywords, and topics to write about. They hand it over to writers who start writing blogs and articles based on these keywords. Subsequently, you’re able to attract potential customers to your ecommerce platform.

Search Engine Optimization is based on two types of optimization processes; on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Most of the ecommerce marketing services offer all-inclusive services to help you get your business ranked up on Google. On-page SEO helps getting ranked on SERPs, it improves local user searches, offers long-time page values, increases ROI conversions, and faster click-through rates.

On the other hand, off-page SEO helps by creating high-quality backlinks, SMM, guest posting, forum posts, and SEO meta titles/descriptions. Off-page SEO writers help your business enjoy great exposure by the increase of page ranks on Google. They also offer other versatile writing solutions to attract your customers by keeping them engaged on your website.


  1. Blogging

Creating a personalized blog page on your website is a great way to increase organic traffic on your ecommerce platform. All you need to do is search for the topics that readers want to read. You can search for business-related topics on Google or come up with your titles. Writing blogs is a fun thing to do, and what could be more beneficial than attracting potential customers through them.

Blogging on your website can offer you long-term results for improving your brand image online. It also offers business credibility online, as visitors start to recognize you through your inspirational write-ups (blogs). Besides, you can personalize your blog page by adding a few features that motivate your readers. For instance, you can add a comment section to engage with visitors to your website. Other than that, you can add hyperlinks to the content of your blogs. It helps you connect relatable reads.

You can also connect your blog page to your social media accounts, as it helps clients know more about you. It’s also a great way to share the latest news about your business, which helps you with lead generation.


  1. SMM (Social media marketing)

This phenomenon has taken over the world of the internet by storm. Today, there are billions of internet users using these social networking websites. This means that most of your target audience is 24/7 available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tik Tok, and YouTube. These are the top-5 platforms used by ecommerce businesses to promote their brand online. Besides, there are many available depending on different countries. But these are the ones popular worldwide.

You can create a Facebook page for your business and share your posts with your target audience. They are not notified about your business instantly though. So, you have to buy Facebook ads to target your potential clients. Also, you can sell your products and services directly to your customers via business groups you can easily find on Facebook. Zuckerberg & Co. introduced the in-built marketplace tab on Facebook in 2016. It helps you promote your ecommerce business more effectively. 

Moreover, you can use Twitter to tweet about the latest news, new products, and other online business prospects. Whereas, you can post product pictures with attention-grabbing captions. Snapchat and Tik Tok are best for creating business ad prompts with fewer time durations as compared to YouTube videos.


  1. Email marketing

This is one of the easiest ways to increase organic traffic on your website. An Email is a free tool you can use to send messages to your clients directly on their virtual contacts. Make sure you define your business goal in the message. Send precise information to your customers with nothing fancy. You should create an email list first for your target audience. Besides, you can buy email marketing services online. The most popular email types include Welcome emails, Sequence Emails, Lead nurturing emails, Promotional emails, Survey Emails, Newsletters, and Abandoned-cart emails.

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