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What is Modern Urban Interior Design?

Modern urban interior design is the new and trendy approach to style your house and apartment in a sophisticated yet comfortable manner. It is usually found in the intercity apartments and homes as it is mainly emphasized on urban modern lifestyle. This interior designing is an amalgam of glamour and comfort of city life. It makes use of open spaces and lofty studios and warehouses to create a practical living space, with soft and calming hues, geometric designs making statements and vintage furnishing. The urban interior design is based on minimal and sleek approaches and does not ask you to overcrowd your space with glamorous accessories. Here is a guide on how you can style your house with modern urban design.

Modern Urban Flooring:

While designing your own house, it is important that you focus on the flooring. For urban interior design, wood or stone flooring is a great option as it gives the whole house a sophisticated look. If the wooden flooring is out your budget you can also try wood or stone patterned vinyl coverings. If you are getting an apartment on rent, you cannot change the flooring at your own will. But you can spread out rugs and carpets that contrast with the floor and the rest of interior.

Neutral And Calm Tones:

The fundamental feature of urban interior design is the use of neutral and calming colors. The soft hues give the place a sense of calmness and serenity which is important for everyday life. These natural colors include gray, off white, sky blue, beige and cream. You don’t have to use the same color on all the walls and furniture. You can experiment with different colors but make sure that they go well with the base color.

Experiment With Sizes and Scale:

Urban interior décor doesn’t limit you to certain things, it lets you experiment on your own. A way that you could experiment is by contrasting with scales. It means putting out tiny furniture with the large ones. Like, for modern bedroom design, have a large king size bed but put a night stand with dainty sticks as legs. Hang a large painting and put a small plant in front of it. It will give the interior a vibrant design without adding flashy and pretentious accessories to your house. Playing with changing scales will bring out a different energy from your décor.

Comfortable Furnishing:

Urban interior designing is all about creating luxury and comfort. For this you need to choose the right and comfortable furnishings. No modern urban interior is complete without warm and cozy furniture. For modern bedroom ideas, buy a soft and comfortable mattress for your bed and cover it with soft hued bedsheets. Add many fluffy and padded pillows and cushions with comfortable blankets for a good sleep. For the living room, add as many sitting places as you can. Put ottoman, beanbag couches, chairs and stools. Spread out warm toned rugs and carpets over light color flooring. Hang out mirrors on the walls. Convert your house into a home.

Make Statements in Your Rooms:

The stuff that you decorate your home with should make a statement. Each room should have at least one noticeable and eye catching item that makes it distinct from everything else. It can be a painting, or distinctive piece of furniture, it could be some ornaments and decoration pieces. They do not need to be huge or pretentious, just unique enough to make a person look twice. Adding a statement through the interior is what makes urban modern design different from the minimalist designs.

Continuity In Interior:

Of course, you don’t want every room and corner of your house to look exactly the same, but adding continuity to all rooms gives a sophisticated look to your house. It means use the same tones and hues all over the house. Add same colored furniture in every room. If you want to experiment with different colors, add the same pattern and designs that make the rooms look connected rather than disjoined. This a great way to keep different parts of the house synced while giving them their individual identities. This ties the different aspects of the urban interior designing.

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Add Modern Urban Accessories:

Accessories play a very important role the urban modern interior designing. You can add little plants and flower vases to give a natural look. You can put ornaments or decorative crystals on the top of your shelves and tables. Paintings and wall hangings also give the place a very distinctive look. Make sure you don’t over crowd the place with flashy and pretentious stuff and keep I very sophisticated.

Now that you know the basics of modern urban interior designing, you can start decorating your home with the help of guidelines above.

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